Rideshare Resources

Posted by admin on January 24th, 2009

This is our list of various rideshare references. We will be adding links and papers to this section as we come across them, or as they are passed onto us. If you have a reference that is not on our list and would like us to post it, please Contact Us.

We also recommend visiting the Bibliography section of the DynamicRideshare.org for additional sources of information.

Table of Contents:

  1. Substantial Sources of “Real-Time” Rideshare Information
  2. History & Statistics
  3. Academic / Institutional Research
  4. Public Agency Research
  5. Visions for Ridesharing
  6. Technology-driven Rideshare Trials
  7. Slugging / Informal Ridesharing
  8. Selected MIT Contributions on Ridesharing

Substantial Sources of “Real-Time” Rideshare Information

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History & Statistics Resources

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Academic / Institutional Research

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Below is a partial list of research papers and resources ordered by published date. We will be adding additional references and some summaries over the coming weeks

Visions for Ridesharing

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Technology-driven Rideshare Trials

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Rather than re-create the wheel, we direct you to various resources that have examined technology-driven rideshare trials:

Slugging / Informal Ridesharing

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Selected MIT Contributions on Ridesharing

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