Focusing on large employers offers numerous advantages in rideshare service provision.
First, some studies have demonstrated that the vast majority of shared rides take place between family members, co-workers and neighbors, because of the common social connection, or ‘social network’. The targeting of large employers naturally overcomes some of the safety concerns associated with ridesharing because employees share a common social connection and the threat of employment repercussions (such as a reprimand or termination) discourages undesirable behavior.
Second, the journey-to-work is generally a commuting trip that takes place during peak periods when congestion is high. The targeting of SOV commuting trips offers the greatest congestion reduction potential.
Third, from a matching standpoint, targeting large employers where all drivers and passengers share a common destination (and origin) simplifies the matching process and increases match rates by changing the typical ‘many-to-many’ matching process to a ‘many-to-one’ process.

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